Our valued support staff consist of experienced legal clerks and efficient, courteous administrative staff supervised by our legal practitioners.

The firm holds regular staff meetings to update the team on important information regarding changes in the law, court, police department or other third-party procedures.


Abbie Hothersall has been with Porter Scudds since 2000.

After several years with the firm, Abbie left to gain experience working with legal firms practising in different areas of the law, such as litigation, insurance law, workers compensation, motor vehicle matters, corporate law and mining law. She also became a specialist in IT.

Abbie returned to Porter Scudds in 2008. She is currently finishing her law degree and will graduate in 2021.

As a senior law clerk, Abbie uses her extensive IT experience and skills to prepare cases for trial. She uses those skills to obtain social media information about witnesses, court cases, analysing surveillance and analysing phone/computer downloads to assist in the defence of clients.

Abbi Hothersall | Porter Scudds Criminal Lawyers in Western Australia

Abbie Hothersall

Narri Slater | Porter Scudds Criminal Lawyers in Western Australia

Narri Slater


Narri Slater joined Porter Scudds in 2017. She has worked in law firms for 20 years, starting as an outside clerk at 16 years of age, before progressing to a legal assistant. Before commencing with Porter Scudds, Narri worked in many areas of the law, including criminal, family, civil litigation, business, conveyancing and insurance law.

Narri has extensive knowledge of court procedures and documentation. She holds overall responsibility for precedents and the FilePro document and financial management system.


James Gatti commenced as a law clerk with Porter Scudds in 2018.

James is thorough and detail-focussed and has worked under some of Australia’s leading law academics.

James is studying law at Murdoch University and will graduate in 2021.

James Gatti | Porter Scudds Criminal Lawyers in Western Australia

James Gatti