When your reputation, liberty and livelihood are at stake, you need the best lawyers. We understand that finding the right criminal lawyer is integral to receiving the best outcome for you, and pride ourselves on our service and caring commitment to our clients. At Porter Scudds, most of our clients come by way of referral from previous satisfied clients.

Established in 1989, Porter Scudds has a team of criminal lawyers with over 60 years’ combined legal experience and represents clients in the Supreme Court, District Court and all Magistrates Courts in Western Australia.

“All people are equal before the law. A good lawyer makes the difference.”

Recognised by clients and peers for our expertise, Porter Scudds has been ranked as one of the ‘leading West Australian Criminal Defence Law Firms’ in the Doyles Guide for the last five years.

Porter Scudds has successfully defended many cases, had excellent outcomes for our clients in sentencing and have successfully had charges against our clients discontinued or withdrawn.

The strength of the firm is our strong focus on customer satisfaction by obtaining the best outcome for our client through the provision of efficient, effective and qualified legal representation.


Porter Scudds is committed to getting the best outcome for you. The firm provides the same commitment to all clients, regardless of the offence charged. Legal representation in court includes representation on pleas of not guilty, guilty and throughout your time in the criminal justice system.



On many occasions, our success in defending cases has been the result of our thorough understanding of the law, pioneering trial preparation methods, investigation and evidence gathering, the engaging of the appropriate experts at an early stage and formidable negotiation and advocacy skills.



Underpinning this tradition of obtaining favourable outcomes for clients is our highly committed and informed barristers, solicitors and support staff, who work with a heightened degree of professionalism and a caring approach to our clients.

In all cases, particularly the complex or more serious cases such as alleged murder offences and large-scale drug offences, the firm has a team approach to defending a client which may involve several lawyers and support staff working together on a case.




Legal practitioners in the firm keep up with changes in the law and procedural matters through internet services provided by specialised providers, attending ongoing educational seminars, and direct contact with the staff of other agencies such as professional bodies and the courts. We maintain a detailed working knowledge of forensics used by police such as DNA, drug analysis, blood splatter science and fingerprinting.



The firm uses innovative methods in case analysis when defending clients charged with criminal or traffic offences and embraces new and modern technology in preparation for and during court appearances. Throughout our clients’ legal matters, we work to improve the overall service and experience to the client, including operating the highly respected FilePro computer system for maintaining and progressing client matters.


Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Porter Scudds is a leading private criminal law firm with over 60 years of combined experience in criminal law. We deal with all criminal law matters, ranging from low-level traffic offences and court procedures such as bail applications to major drug cases and murder cases.

The firm ‘Porter Scudds’ was formed in February 2003 and incorporated the sole practice of J.J. Scudds and Associates, earlier established in 1989.

We also provide assistance and advice regarding police investigations and represent clients on Violence Restraining Order matters and traffic matters, including extraordinary driver’s license applications and removal of permanent license disqualifications (life disqualifications).

We specialise in criminal law as defence lawyers and act in all criminal courts all over Western Australia. Porter Scudds takes a team approach to our matters to ensure that clients are given the most thorough, expert advice and service.


If you have been charged with a criminal offence, we will maintain our strong reputation for making every endeavour to achieving the most favourable outcome for you.


Our experienced support staff, supervised by our legal practitioners, provide an efficient and courteous service. Staff meetings are held regularly to inform them on clients matters, changes in the law, court,
police or other third party procedures.

Other members of the Porter Scudds team include our legal clerks and secretarial staff.


First consult at no charge unless you proceed.

As private legal practitioners, we offer legal representation and advice at an hourly or daily rate. Clients sign an agreement with the firm before commencement. We provide ongoing estimates of our legal fees.

As we are both barristers and solicitors, there is not a separate fee structure for trial counsel. We only brief counsel if we have specific instructions to do so. We are not on the Legal Aid panel so cannot take grants of Legal Aid.