Robbery, Burglary, Stealing, Fraud & Similar Offences in WA

Robbery, burglary, stealing, theft/dishonesty, fraud and similar offences are all criminal acts that can result in lengthy terms of imprisonment in Western Australia.

There are more than 60 dishonesty-type offences. There are defences to such offences, which include an honest and reasonable mistaken belief and honest claim of right. If you’ve been charged with this type of offence, call us immediately.

Porter Scudds represent accused individuals on all property and contracts related offences including:

  • Fraud (Section 409 of the Criminal Code)
  • Robbery (Section 392 of the Criminal Code)
  • Burglary (Section 401 of the Criminal Code)
  • Stealing (Section 378 of the Criminal Code)
  • Property Damage (Section 414 of the Criminal Code)
Porter Scudds Criminal Lawyers in Western Australia

Which court will my charges be heard in?

The court that will hear your charges depends on the offence charged and the seriousness of that charge, such as the value of goods involved.

What happens if I had no intent to steal?

If you had no intent to steal, you might have a defence.

Can I get a spent conviction for stealing?

Depending on the seriousness of the offence and the value of the property involved, it is possible to get a spent conviction for stealing.